January 26, 2010

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Hilti Deck Fastening System – Powder Actuated Fastening as an Alternative to Welding

Ann Marie Bugler, P.E.  


Ann Marie, who has been a welcome presenter to the chapter previously, will provide an introduction and overview of powder actuated fastening, including:

I. Overview Steel Deck Diaphragm Design

II. Powder-Actuated Fastening Technology

III. Training and Safety

IV. Deck Attachment Methods

V. Powder-Actuated Fastening of Steel Deck

VI. Diaphragm Testing and Approvals

VII. Installation and Inspection

VIII. Sidelap Screws and Specialty Fasteners

IX. Technical Support

X. Questions

XI. Demo

This meeting will be at Manhattan College, starting at 6:30. See the registration page to pre-register (and save money).

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