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Mathcounts is a national program to stimulate interest in mathematics among middle school students (grades 6, 7, and 8). The program provides materials supporting math clubs and other math related school activities and provides the framework for a national mathematics competition similar in structure to the National spelling Bee.

The Bronx Chapter of NYSSPE sponsors and organizes “Mathcounts in the Bronx!”  – the local Bronx competition. All Bronx middle schools are contacted and encourage to participate. Schools that register select a team of four  students and a coach to represent the school in the Bronx competition. Individual students can also participate.

The Bronx competition is held in February. The competitors are given a series of written tests – all questions requiring written answers – no multiple choice. From the written tests which lasts approximately two hours, the top three teams and the top ten students are determined.

The top ten students then face off – two at a time – in a “Jeopardy!” style elimination round. The last student surviving is the individual champion for the Bronx.

The top three Bronx teams plus two top individuals not on the three top teams then advance to the New York State competition held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in March. From the NYS competition, the top four competitors represent  New York in the national finals to be held in May in Orlando, FL.

School officials and parents can get more general information on the Mathcounts website .

Volunteers are needed – organization and PR assistance now and test proctors and graders  on competition day. If you wish to volunteer for Mathcounts or have specific questions on the “Mathcounts in the Bronx!” competition, please contact Bronx Chapter Mathcounts coordinator Mr. Gee Eng by email.

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